Fibre optics

The Tampnet infrastructure – the shortest route between Norway and the UK.


Fibre optic communications revolutionize operations offshore. High capacity broadband access enables faster and improved decisionmaking, increased efficiency and major cost savings.

Compared to traditional satellite communication, subsea fibre cables have virtually no delay. This allows for instant distribution of critical data from offshore operations, and takes video conferencing to the next level. With real-time communication, you can benefit from your core expertise while keeping them onshore, available for multiple operations. Needless to say, this is also a huge benefit in a HSE perspective.

The distance between onshore and offshore has never been shorter with Tampnet providing offshore subsea fibre in areas as the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico.

We currently serve more than 100 oil and gas platforms, Floating Production Storage and Offloading units (so called FPSOs) and exploration rigs in the North Sea.

In total, Tampnet owns and operates an infrastructure based on 1,200 km of subsea fibre and 31 radio links and leases capacity in an additional 900 km of subsea fibre.

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