No accidents, no harm

Tampnet is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
We maintain the highest standards in QHSE. Our belief is that all harm and all accidents can be prevented by dedicated, systematic work. At Tampnet we acknowledge that successful QHSE results are fundamental for achieving positive commercial results.

Environment & Society

Our efforts to maintain the highest standards in health, safety and environment issues are top priority in Tampnet.

Our HSE vision

“People first”

  • Tampnet aims to be a healthy workplace -without accidents or damage, either to people, property or the environment.
  • We sincerely believe that every accident can be prevented.
  • Our working environment shall be characterised by commitment and acknowledgement

Our HSE policy

To achieve our vision we will:

  • Each one of us – be responsible for his/her own conduct
  • Show concern – have the courage to speak out and stop undesirable actions
  • Follow up – through a visible, strong and supportive leadership commitment
  • Minimalise our influence on the environment
  • Integrate HSE into all our activities
  • Cooperate freely with customers and contractors to further develop and strengthen our HSE culture
  • Stretch ourselves in order to realise our ambitious and measurable HSE goals
  • Value good HSE performance

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Tampnet is committed, by way of its core values, to profitable, appropriate and sustainable creation of wealth for our owners, other interested parties and the society we operate in. The company will, in its business activities, also handle the social impact that operations can entail, in a sound manner. This document describes the main principles that the owners, managers, and employees in Tampnet will follow in order to live up to socially responsible conduct. As a company, we wish to have a holistic approach to CSR. ISO 26000 has therefore been adopted as the basis for the framework of our approach to CSR principles and related practice.

Our key CSR principles

1. Human rights

Tampnet respects human dignity, and supports the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We will ensure that our business activities exercise due care with relation to the basic standards for human rights, and handle risk situations associated therein.
The company has fundamental respect for all individuals, and will not accept any discrimination based on sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, or political opinion

The company finds child labour inacceptable and will avoid suppliers who practice this.

2. Working conditions

Tampnet will ensure appropriate and safe working conditions. Working conditions must adhere to national laws and regulations, and in the case of international involvement, be consistent with current international labour standards. This means that the company must not benefit from working relationships with partners, contractors, or subcontractors who base their practice on injustice, exploitation, or abuse. Established labour conditions and social welfare systems must be observed.
The company acknowledges the importance of dialogue strategies, and established collective negotiation structures between the parties in the workplace.

The company will develop, implement and maintain guidelines for the working environment, based on working environment requirements, identified areas for improvement, challenging objectives and performance monitoring.
Personal development and training in the workplace will be facilitated.

3. Environment

In our business activities we strive to avoid harmful environmental impact, and to contribute to sustainable development through sensible resource utilisation, recycling, and protection of the environment. The company must have a clear view of the effects of the company’s business decisions on the environment, and implement any necessary actions to manage them.

4. Reputable business activities

Tampnet will maintain a high standard with regard to integrity. This means that we will be honest and reputable in our business activities, and in competition with others, and we will counteract corruption and handle grey areas in an honourable manner. We will contribute to promoting social responsibility

5. Social commitment

Tampnet wishes to make a positive contribution to society/the local community. This kind of commitment could, for example, be in the form of partnerships, voluntary work, local recruitment, involvement in education and culture, charity and sponsoring.

Code of conduct

1 Fundamental principle

Employees in the Brent/Tampnet-group (“the Company”) shall exercise high integrity and professionalism in their work for the Company. They are expected to act honestly and objectively at all levels of the Company’s operations and business activities.

2 Compliance with laws, regulations and internal routines

2.1 Employees shall abide by the laws and regulations that at any time apply to the Company. Employees must also comply with the current internal routines established by the Company, including instructions, authorizations, etc. related to the individual’s position, as well as ethical guidelines set by the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises following these codes of conduct as an attachment.

2.2 If an Employee becomes aware of conditions that are contrary to the rules applicable to the Company, including internal routines and guidelines, the nearest supervisor must be notified. The Employee may also notify the board member who is especially appointed for such notifications.

2.3 Violation of laws and regulations applicable to the business activities or the Company’s policies and guidelines may have implications on Employees’ connection with the company.

3 Confidentiality

3.1 Employees have an obligation of confidentiality on all matters relating to the Company, its customers or other business partners. The obligation of confidentiality also applies after the period of employment or board member period with the Company has been terminated.

3.2 The obligation of confidentiality primarily applies to unrelated people, including family and friends. Information that the Employee should consider as especially sensitive, must also be treated confidentially towards other employees when the information is irrelevant in regards to the other employees’ work. This does not preclude that one can discuss confidential relations with colleagues when this is found necessary and substantiated.

3.3 The obligation of confidentiality is not time-limited and must be maintained also when the working relationship with the Company has been terminated.

4 Impartiality and Conflicts of Interest

4.1 The business must always be operated in such a manner that the risk of a conflict of interests between the Company and the individual employee is minimized.

4.2 If an Employee’s impartiality can be questioned because he or she may have conflicting interests, the question shall be discussed with the immediate supervisor and the Employee concerned should withdraw from further proceedings if there is a risk of breach of impartiality.

5 Customer relations. Representation/entertainment and gifts

5.1 In their daily work Employees are expected to act to their best effort for the Company. Restraint must be shown in regards to private business agreements with companies or persons the Company does business with. Agreements other than purely ordinary business agreements require the Company’s CEO’s advanced written approval.

5.2 Representation/entertainment on behalf of the Company must be within acceptable limits taken into account the Company’s business. Travel and accommodation expenses in connection with work performance for the Company will generally be covered by the Company.

5.3 Gifts or supplements with a value exceeding NOK 500 offered to Employees from customers or others as a result of their association with the Company may be received with the CEO’s advanced written approval. The CEO can only accept gifts or supplements from customers or others as a result of their association with the Company with the Chairman of the Board’s advanced written approval.

5.4 Each Employee must ensure that gifts or supplements received from third parties as a result of their association with the Company will not cause suspicion towards the Employee for acting contrary to the Company’s instructions or statutory or regulatory requirements, including the provisions of the Taxation Act.

5.5 Employees must not accept loans or guarantees from any of the Company’s connections. Exceptions are loans and/or guarantees on normal market terms from connections where loans and guarantees are part of their ordinary business.

5.6 No one can on behalf of the Company give gifts or other supplements intentionally to obtain favours in their own or the Company’s advantage.

5.7 The Employee shall give a yearly self-declaration regarding the above.

6 Publicity and media relations

6.1 Statements regarding Customers or Suppliers shall not be given to the press.

6.2 All general inquiries from the press, that do not affect the obligation of confidentiality, must be answered by the Chairman of the Board or the CEO, unless anyone else in the particular case is specifically appointed to speak on behalf of Company. Any statement in the media, in form and content, must be factual and accurate, and thereby contribute to the most objective impression of the Company.

7 Representatives

7.1 The Company’s code of conduct also applies to the Company’s board members and other representatives (for example hired personnel and consultants) as far as they are appropriate or specifically stated.

8 Annual audit/report

8.1 The contents of the code of conduct shall be reviewed on a regular basis.

8.2 If law or regulation requirements make it necessary to change the code of conduct, such changes shall be made as soon as they are called for.

QHSE Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Revised: August 17, 2015

We believe that you should know what information we collect, as well as how that information is used, disclosed and protected. We have created this privacy policy statement (the “Policy”) to explain our privacy practices and policies. By using this website, applying for service from Tampnet Inc. and its affiliates (“Tampnet,” “we,” or “us”), or using any Tampnet products or services, you agree to the terms and conditions in this Policy, and consent to any action consistent with this Policy.

Our Collection of Information from Individual Users and Business Customers

This Policy describes the personal information we collect about individual users (“Individual Users”) of our products or services, either directly from an Individual User or indirectly through a business or government customer (“Business Customer”) purchasing products or services for Individual Users who are employees or contractors of such Business Customers, or who are otherwise authorized by such Business Customers to use Tampnet products or services. The term “you” as it is used in this agreement may refer to either an Individual User or Business Customer, depending on whether you are an Individual User or Business Customer. If you are a Business Customer, the term “you” refers to both you and Individual Users who you authorize to use Tampnet products or services. Personal information is information that can be directly associated with and used to identify a specific person such as full name, physical address, telephone number, email address, or information about activities directly linked to that person.

In an agreement with a Business Customer, our customer is a business or other entity purchasing service for Individual Users who are employees or other authorized users of the Business Customer. If you are an Individual User who receives certain benefits through a Business Customer’s agreement with us, this Policy will govern our use of your personal information. If you are liable for your own charges under such Business Customer account, then we may share enough account information with that Business Customer to verify your continuing eligibility for those benefits. However, if you receive service where a Business Customer pays your charges or is otherwise liable for the charges, we may share any or all of your account information with that Business Customer.

Our Use of Aggregate Information

Our definition of personal information does not include “aggregate” information. Aggregate information is data we collect about a group or category of services or customers from which Individual User identities have been removed. For example, we could prepare a report that indicates that a certain number of our Individual Users always use their wireless phones at a certain time of day at a specific location. Aggregate data helps us understand trends and customer needs so that we can better consider new services or tailor existing services to customer desires. Please understand that although we will not share your personal information in ways not described in this Policy, we may share such aggregate information in ways not described in this Policy.

Types of Information We Collect

Here are the types of personal information and other information we collect. You should refer to the rest of this Policy to see how we use, disclose and protect that information:

* Information You Provide or is Provided on Your Behalf: We collect information Individual Users directly provide us when such Individual Users purchase a Tampnet product or use our services. We also collect personal information about Individual Users when a Business Customer purchases a Tampnet product or service on behalf of Individual Users. For example, Tampnet may receive an Individual User’s billing address and credit information, including social security number or business identifier.

* Automatically Collected Information: We automatically receive certain types of information whenever an Individual User or Business Customer interacts with Tampnet. For example, when you visit the Tampnet website, our systems automatically collect your IP address and the type of browser you use. This information is not linked by us to personal information, but rather only used to compile aggregate information. Similarly, all wireless communications systems know when an Individual User’s phone is turned on and approximately where the device is physically located – that’s how calls or messages are delivered to Individual Users in real time.

* Information from Other Sources: We may obtain information about Individual Users from outside sources and add it to or combine it with and Individual User’s account information. For example, we may receive credit information about an Individual User for purposes of initiating service. We sometimes receive updated delivery and address information from our shippers or other sources so that we can correct our records and deliver an Individual User’s next purchase or communication more easily. And, we may receive information from the Business Customer or authorized dealer from whom an Individual User may have purchased a wireless phone or device prior to initiation of service.

* Fair Use Policy: We may use information collected from Individual Users or Business Customers to monitor compliance with Tampnet’s Fair Use Policy. For example, we may collect information based on an Individual User’s or a Business Customer’s interactions with a Tampnet product or service to ensure that it is not being used to transmit, retransmit, redirect or store material in violation of Federal or state laws or regulations, industry or community standards, including, but not limited to, obscenity, indecency, defamatory or material infringing trademarks or copyrights.

How We Use and Share Customer Proprietary Network Information

Under federal law, Individual Users and Business Customers have a right, and we have a duty, to protect the confidentiality of customer proprietary network information or “CPNI” (the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of use of services purchased, and related billing information). The privacy of our Individual Users and Business Customers is important to us. We only use CPNI in order to provide, monitor, confirm, change, resolve problems and bill for the services and products you—whether an Individual User or Business Customer—select.

We Do Not Collect Information from Children

We do not provide products or services to children under the age of 13 and do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If you are an Individual User, you represent that you are over the age of 13. If you are a Business Customer, you represent and warrant that all employees, contractors, or other authorized users, on whose behalf you are purchasing Tampnet products or services, are over the age of 13.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We use personal information to serve our customers, to enhance and extend our customer relationship, to provide information and services to applicants and others who request it, and so our customers can take maximum advantage of our products and services. For example, by understanding how you use our website, we are able to customize and personalize your experience. More specifically, we may use personal information for billing purposes, to provide services or complete transactions you have requested, to anticipate and resolve problems with your services, and to create and inform you of products or services from Tampnet that better meet your needs. Tampnet may use e-mail, short text messages, telemarketing and direct mail to inform you about products or services we think will interest you.
Disclosure to Third Parties: We share personal information with third parties as necessary to complete a transaction, perform a service on your behalf (such as enhancing our ability to serve you better) or perform a service that you have requested. When the third party acts solely on our behalf, Tampnet informs them of their privacy obligations and our policies, including compliance with legal protections for the personal information of Individual Users and Business Customers. For example, our vendors process and print your billing statement on our behalf, and they can only use the personal information we give them to produce the billing statement. We will not knowingly make other disclosures to third parties without your consent. We will not sell your personal information to any third party.
Surveys: From time to time you may be able to participate in our surveys to help us improve our offerings and services. Any personal information that may be collected from a survey will be used for our internal purposes.
Business Transfers: Information about our Individual Users, including personal information, may be disclosed as part of any merger, acquisition, sale of company assets or transition of service to another provider, as well as in the unlikely event of an insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership in which personal information would be transferred as one of the business assets of the company.
Protection of Tampnet and Others: We release personal information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law (e.g., a subpoena, E911 information, etc.); to enforce or apply our customer agreements; initiate, render, bill, and collect for services; protect our rights or property, or to protect Individual Users of Tampnet services and other carriers’ services from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful use of, or subscription to, such services; facilitate or verify the appropriate calculation of taxes, fees, or other obligations due to a local, state, or federal government; or if we reasonably believe that an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to any person requires disclosure of communications or justifies disclosure of records without delay.
Ways You Show Your Consent: Depending on the service, we may obtain your consent to disclose personal information in a number of ways, including:

* In writing;
* Verbally;
* Online by clicking a button;
* Through the use of a dialing string or button on a wireless device or handset; or
* At the time of service initiation when your consent is part of the required terms and conditions to use the service.

For example, your consent to disclose certain personal information can be implied simply by the nature of your request, such as when you ask us to deliver an e-mail or short message to another person. Your return address is disclosed as part of the service and your consent to do so is implied by your use of the service. Tampnet may also disclose personal information to an Individual User or other authorized user on your account.

We Protect Information About Your Telephone Usage and Who You Call

Under federal law, Individual Users have a right, and we have a duty, to protect the confidentiality of certain information about an Individual User’s telephone usage, the services you buy from us, who an Individual User calls and the location of an Individual User’s device on our network when a voice call is made. We will not knowingly disclose this type of information except as provided for in this Policy.

How We Use Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

A cookie is a very small text file placed on your hard drive by a web page server. It is essentially your identification card, and cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses. It is uniquely yours and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. At this time, we only utilize browser-based cookies to maintain a user’s session for continuity of navigation while viewing our site and subsequent visits to review information. Browser-based cookies are placed on your hard drive in your web browser’s cache file and allow you to bypass certain viewing restrictions based on your location. The use of cookies does not allow Tampnet access to any files or private information stored on your computer.
Our web pages may contain electronic images known as invisible single-pixel gifs (GIFs) that allow us to count users who have visited those pages. Tampnet may include GIFs in promotional e-mail messages or our newsletters in order to count how many messages have been opened and acted upon. GIFs collect only a limited set of information such as a cookie number, time and date of a page view, and a description of the page on which the GIF resides.

Information We Collect About Your Presence and Location

To make wireless communications possible, the network knows the general location of an Individual User’s phone or wireless device whenever it is turned on. An Individual User’s wireless device sends out a periodic signal to the nearest radio tower/cell site so that the network will know where to route an incoming communication and how to properly bill for the service. This is necessary to make wireless communications possible.
If an Individual User dials 911 for emergency services, we may provide the Individual User’s network location to a public safety answering point, emergency medical service provider or emergency dispatch provider, public safety, fire service, or law enforcement official, or hospital emergency or trauma care facility. The law also permits us to disclose the location of a device on our network without a Individual User’s consent (1) to an Individual User’s legal guardian or members of an Individual User’s immediate family in an emergency situation that involves the risk of death or serious physical harm, (2) to database management services or information providers solely to assist in delivering emergency services, or (3) if we reasonably believe that an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to any person requires or justifies disclosure of a device’s location on the network without delay.
If an Individual User downloads and uses any software application that accesses location information generated by an Individual User’s phone equipment, such user is providing its location information to one or more third parties via that software application. It is your responsibility, as an Individual User or Business Customer, to investigate the privacy policies of any such third parties.

Our Efforts to Keep Our Network and Your Information Secure

We maintain a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information. We use accepted tools and techniques to protect against unauthorized access to our systems. In addition, we work to protect the security of your personal information during collection and transmission via the Tampnet website by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software technology. This encrypts your information between your web browser and the host site to which you connect. You should be aware that Tampnet has no control over the security of other sites on the Internet you might visit, interact with, download software applications from, or from which you buy products or services. You should also be aware that despite our reasonable efforts, we cannot guaranty absolute security of your personal information. An important part of securing and protecting your personal information is your effort to protect against unauthorized access to your computer, wireless device, SIM card, user name, password, etc. (including, if you are a Business Customer, those of all Individual Users or other authorized users on your account). Also, be sure to sign off when finished using a shared computer and always log out of any site and close the web browser application after viewing personal account information. Furthermore, you are responsible for clearing all information, including but not limited to messages, contacts, downloads, uploads, media, and browsing history, from any device that you return.

You may also want to utilize our wireless service to take advantage of services and products offered by other companies. In those cases, you will be providing information to those companies, and information about you received by those third parties will be governed by their privacy policies, not this Policy. For example, if an Individual User is roaming on the network of another carrier, information about the Individual User’s usage and the numbers such Individual User dials will be available to the carrier providing the service. Also, as another example, if an Individual User purchases something using our wireless Internet service, such Individual User will be disclosing personal information directly to the company facilitating the transaction, a merchant bank and the merchant. Finally, if an Individual User bought a wireless device from a dealer, both the dealer and Tampnet will have personal information as a result of the transaction. Whenever third parties have a role in any such transaction, you should review their privacy policies as well.

How to Contact Us with Any Privacy Questions or Concerns

Tampnet is committed to the policies set forth in this Policy. If you have any questions, disputes, comments or concerns about this Policy, please contact our Network Operations Centre at 1-866-621-5290. If you’d rather write us, you can email us at or send it by mail to Network Operations Centre, 326 Apollo Road, Scott, LA 70583.

You may access, amend or alter the information we collect about you by contacting Customer Care for so long as such information is retained by Tampnet. This access may be subject to a fee to cover our costs.

When and How We Update this Policy

Tampnet will revise or update this Policy if our practices change, as we change existing or add new services or as we develop better ways to inform you of products we think will be of interest. We will provide notice to you of any substantive changes in this Policy in advance of such changes. You should refer back to this page often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. Your use of the website and/or Tampnet service following the effective date of any change to this Policy will constitute your acceptance of the Policy as revised. In addition, if you are a Business Customer, the use of the website and/or Tampnet service by any Individual Users on your behalf following the effective date of any change to this Policy will constitute said Individual Users’ acceptance of the Policy as revised.


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