The COBRA Fibre Optic Cable – a new high capacity fibre connection between the Nordics and Western Europe

November 5, 2019

The interconnection between Denmark and the Netherlands has now been officially launched; in addition to power transmission, the submarine cable also provides a brand new low latency and high capacity connection for data traffic between the Nordics and Western Europe.

Next to the existing 325 km long high-voltage power cablewhich transports green wind power between Endrup in Denmark and Eemshaven in the Netherlands, a new optical fibre cable has been laid.

This cable, which is owned by TenneT TSO and Energinet, has primarily been installed to control the interconnection, with Danish company, Energinet, and Dutch company, Relined Fiber Network, being responsible for leasing out the extra capacity for commercial purposes. The submarine cable benefits from a unique location in comparison to competing connections and is fully diverse from these connections. As a result, a reliable and super-fast connection between Amsterdam and Copenhagen can be achieved via the cable.

Norwegian infrastructure company Tampnet, which owns and operates the world’s largest offshore high capacity communication optical fibre network, is the first company to make use of this new connection.

Tampnet’s CEO, Per Helge Svensson, is thrilled to add this new route to Tampnet’s comprehensive network:

“The COBRA cable is an important new connection for us that makes our network even more diverse and robust. Consequently our Carrier operations can now provide a new high capacity and low latency route between Stockholm and Amsterdam and Oslo and Amsterdam, serving our customers within Data Centres, media and gaming”, Svensson said.

Relined Fiber Network’s Managing Director, Jan Willem Tom is very happy with Tampnet as its first customer of the submarine cable:

“Relined’s mission is to optimize the use of existing Dark Fiber networks in North West Europe. We want to provide nationwide coverage everywhere and be of great value when it comes to connectivity in the future. With the arrival of the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable, we are extending our footprint to the Nordics. And with Tampnet as our first customer, the first step has now been taken! We are very happy with this partnershipand with the fact that a company like Tampnet has faith in our organisation”.

Energinet Associated Activity CEO Peter Jørgensen highlights that the fiber optic cable benefits Danish competitiveness:

“In Denmark we are seeing substantial interest from data centers in the digital super league and the cobra fiber optic cable will probably increase this interest as there is still capacity available. On a national scale, it will benefit us all that Denmark is seen as a central digital HUB for transit within Europe and we believe that our investment in the cable will be justified by leasing out the extra capacity.”

Danmark gav Holland hånden på havets bund

Vores CEO, Thomas Egebo, tog i dag VR-briller på og mødtes på havets bund med Manon van Beek. Hun er CEO i TenneT, der er den hollandske systemoperatør og medindehaver af vores fælles COBRA-kabel.De to gav hånd på mange meters dybde under vand og vindmøller og erklærede dermed officielt det 325 km lange jævnstrømskabel for åbent.COBRA kan transportere strøm svarende til 700.000 husstandes elforbrug, og rigtig meget af den strøm, der løber fra Danmark mod Holland, kommer fra vindmøllerne på havet.

Publisert av Energinet Mandag 4. november 2019


For more information please contact:

Per Helge Svensson, Chief Executive Officer, Tampnet
Mobile: +47 905 29 868

Linda Eindhoven-Voorbij, Marketing Communication officer, Relined Fiber Network
Mobile: +31 (0)347 35 80 10


About Energinet:
Energinet is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities. Energinet own, operate and develop the transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark.

About Relined:

Relined is a leading independent supplier of reliable Dark Fiber connections. Relined Fiber Network supplies fibre optic connections from A to B, using the stable and reliable Dark Fibers of public and/or private networks. Together with our preferred suppliers, we have access to around 30,000 kilometres of high-quality fibre optic infrastructure, giving us a nationwide, fine-mesh Dark Fiber network in both the Netherlands and Germany. Almost any location is within our reach!

The entire focus of Relined’s operations is localising and marketing unutilized fibre optic capacity in the form of Dark Fiber. This is because both the Netherlands and Germany have an excellent fibre optic infrastructure and connections can often be made far more efficiently using the unutilized capacity of existing networks.

Apart from national connections and a fine-mesh Dark Fiber network in various city centres, Relined operates an submarine cable between the Netherlands and Denmark. This submarine cable gives you access to a reliable, superfast connection between the two countries and from Esbjerg links you easily to networks on land or the submarine cable to the UK.