Norfest, our new subsea cable route is complete and operational - just in time for the growing data centre industry.

Providing greater capacity, more redundancy, and direct routes along the coast of Norway and into Sweden, the unique and reliable routes generated through the system will provide access to the most in-demand locations. 

This project has been commissioned to enhance routes connecting the UK to Europe via the Nordics, with over 700km of brand-new fibre!  

NORFEST has 10 landing points that have been strategically selected to provide connectivity to the most sought-after PoPs and carbon-neutral data centers in the Nordics, with maximum flexibility to ensure robust, reliable, and scalable services to meet future demands.

In keeping with Tampnet's stringent quality and performance standards, the new infrastructure will provide reliable, low-latency, high-capacity connectivity to vital Data Centres and PoPs, with unique routing  options to enhance your critical operations. 

Project progress

24 June 2023:  Cable loadout was carried out at Nexans' Rognan Cable Plant Pier.  The process was smooth and completed well ahead of schedule!

Eddafjord load out 1


27 June 2023:  Our first branch was laid from the Egersund shore, heading out to sea for connection to the Western trunk which will be installed in July.



19 July 2023:  The Edda Fjord began installation of the Stavanger Branch from Green Mountain Data Center.  

Over the next few days, the team will move northwest through the channel and then continue south to Kristiansand. 

26 Aug. 2023:  The Norfest Western Trunk installation scope continues, with the Kristiansand branch floated into Nodeviga over the weekend and tied back to our landing station.   Even the local dolphins were curious! 

Dolphon Edda Fjord KRST


Next, we will be heading into Lista to install the final branch of the Western Trunk.

31 Aug. 2023:  The Lista branch was successfully installed from Skagerrak to Husebysanden.  

This was the Final step for the Western Branch installation. 

The Eddafjord will now head back north to close out some branching scopes before returning to base for a short project.  In October, we will begin load-out of the Norfest Eastern Trunk and branches.

Eddafjord Eigeroya _2023-09-06 10.10.41


6 Sept. 2023:  Egersund - Cable Landing Station (CLS)  Huts are installed with solar panels and the connections are completed.  Throughout the design and installation of this project, the team focused on creating the most sustainable solutions at each stage.  The CLS huts are a great tangible example of this. 

Egersund CLS hut 2023-09-05 13.01.41

16 Oct. 2023:  The Eddafjord started laying the Eastern Trunk of the Norfest Cable. 

Despite wild weather conditions sweeping through the North Sea, the project maintained momentum.  Cecon's installation crew worked tirelessly to ensure safety integrity of the cable during the lay process. 


10 Nov. 2023:  The cable lay continues as the Eddafjord travels towards the Oslo Fjord.  The next stops are Moss and Drøbak where the fjord narrows and strong surges can be experienced. 


15 Nov. 2023:   The Norfest Trunk is almost complete, with the Edda Fjord arriving in Oslo this afternoon! 

The next steps will see the cable threaded through Akerselve to connect to key data centers and interconnection points in the Oslo metropolitan area.

MicrosoftTeams-image (38)


Edda Fjord float-in


27 Nov. 2023:  Eddafjord arrives in Larvik to complete tie back to the trunk cable.   Only 2 more branches to go! 


30 Nov. 2023:  The Eddafjord travels to Tromøy to complete tie back on the Arendal branch. 


6 Dec. 2023:  Norfest safely landed in Capri, Sweden.  

The project has been delivered ahead of schedule, with complete scope in under 11 months!


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