norfest by tampnet carrier


Tampnet Carrier is excited to introduce its latest submarine fibre optic cable project to provide greater capacity, more redundancy and direct routes along the coast of Norway and into Sweden, to create unique and reliable routes to the most demanded locations. 

This project has been commissioned to enhance routes connecting the UK to Europe via the Nordics, with over 700km of brand new fibre!  

Our 9 landing points are strategically selected to provide connectivity to the most sought-after PoPs in the Nordics, and provide maximum flexibility, ensuring robust, reliable services.

Tampnet NORFEST_2022-11-11_brand3

In keeping with Tampnet's stringent quality and performance standards, the new infrastructure will provide reliable, low-latency, high-capacity connectivity to vital Data Centres and PoPs, with unique routing  options to enhance your critical operations. 


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