Want to use your smartphone or tablet when offshore in the North Sea?

Now you can roam on Tampnet's offshore mobile network in the North Sea using your own onshore mobile subscription.

Access is available for all vessels working in our coverage area - drilling rigs, service vessels, fishing vessels and yachts - as well as for crew members!


How does it work?

When connecting to our network – you will receive a welcome message from your operator informing about the applicable rates and conditions for roaming onto our network. 

Should  you have additional questions which are not addressed in the welcome message from your operator, we recommend you to contact them as listed below. 

Please note that the offshore rates charged by these operators vary, and Tampnet does not have visibility or control of these rates. 



The Netherlands

Other Nordic/EU operators

If your mobile subscription is not set up to roam on Tampnet:

In the event your home operator isn’t a roaming partner with Tampnet, the eSIM operator GigSky has data plans that can be utilized throughout our networks.

We recommend you download the GigSky app and follow the installation steps when onshore – and that you activate the monthly plan before you go offshore. https://www.tampnet.com/gigsky-esim 

GigSky North Sea



We are constantly adding new roaming partners – enabling their subscribers to roam onto our network. In the event your home operator has not yet enabled roaming with Tampnet, eSIM provider GigSky https://www.gigsky.com/ offer data plans that can be utilized with most smartphones. https://www.gigsky.com/tampnet/

Current live roaming partners: 

  • EE UK
  • Telia Norway
  • GigSky
  • Jersey Telecom

Roaming partners which will launch soon: 

  • Vodafone, UK, Netherlands, Germany
  • T-Mobile Germany, Netherlands, Austria
  • Telenet
  • Ice
  • Bics

If your operator has a roaming agreement with Tampnet, and your device is not in flight mode, you will seamlessly attach to our network and get a welcome message from your operator. The welcome message will provide price specific information, which is defined by your operator. Please be aware that some operators will ask for a confirmation via SMS before you can start using daily, weekly or monthly data plans.  

Yes, this is the case for most operators. That said the rates for data, voice and SMS might deviate from terrestrial rates and be excluded from monthly plans

You will experience the same speeds / quality of service compared to terrestrial networks.

The welcome message will inform you about the pricing for voice sms and data. In case you have additional & price specific questions - we recommend you to clarify this with your operator.



The Netherlands

Other Nordic/EU operators


The additional charges will typically be billed in their current billing cycle.

Any device that has an active SIM card installed whether it is a smartphone or tablet.

The following map indicate coverage area:



If you are uncertain that your subscription is eligible for Tampnet service -  or if you experience issues using Tampnet service – please verify with your operator that your operator/ subscription can be used within our coverage area. 

About Tampnet:

Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway Tampnet owns and operates the world’s largest offshore high capacity communication network in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, serving customers within Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Maritime and Carrier sectors with first class telecommunications. With offices in the UK, the Netherlands, USA and Brazil. Tampnet connects offshore installations to redundant and reliable terrestrial networks with high capacity and low latency (high speed).

Tampnet also installs and operates offshore 4G LTE coverage networks enabling roaming and the digital transformation and internet of things (IoT) on offshore oil & gas platforms, offshore windfarms and service vessels and other commercial vessels.

Tampnet International Carrier is Tampnet’s European and transatlantic fibre infrastructure network, passing through eight selected countries. Tampnet International Carrier is all about connectivity, capacity, speed and milliseconds – data transfer with minimum delay - without compromising quality and reliability. Our unique network routes connect 30 vital data centres in 12 European and American cities and central hubs.