Connects you to cloud on-ramps and data centers

Tampnet partners with Megaport to provide fast and secure connectivity to and between clouds and to the locations where data is generated, processed and stored - across the globe and on the edge. This includes more than 230 cloud on-ramps and more than 700 data centers globally. 

Megaport is a leading provider of Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions, and their global Software Defined Network (SDN) helps customers to rapidly connect from Tampnet’s network via the Megaport SDN to the services their business runs on and to the locations where their data interacts - across the globe and on the edge.

In collaboration with Megaport we’re able to offer agile networking capabilities at unparalleled speed. Connections to the leading cloud service providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as the world’s largest data center operators, systems integrators and managed service providers can now be deployed in a matter of minutes.

The flexibility of the platform means that bandwidth can be adjusted as and when needed and connectivity to or between cloud vendors can easily be created, added or changed.




Key benefits:

● Ease-of-use: Ability to deploy hybrid cloud, multicloud, and cloud-to-cloud architectures within minutes

● Scalability: Elastic connectivity supports business needs and aligns to cloud consumption models.

● Edge Connectivity: SD-WAN integration to provide reliable, private connectivity for site locations



● Security and Performance: Reliable, direct, private connections that bypass the public internet.

● Choice: Direct, private access to an industry-leading 230+ cloud on-ramps and more than 700+ data centers globally

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