The largest offshore high capacity communication network in the world. From subsea fibre through to 4G LTE and LoS systems, we connect data, people and operational facilities.

We enable the connected worker, the use of sensors and transport your data to the cloud.  

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Fibre solutions and offshore 4G coverage for the oil and gas industry. For platforms, FPSOs, drilling rigs & service vessels. 

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Offshore 4G LTE coverage for all maritime surface and subsea operations.

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Fibre solutions and offshore 4G coverage for wind farms.

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Connecting data centres, finance and media through our low latency and high capacity network.

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Offshore Private 5G Networks for Digital Transformation

Tampnet’s integration with Microsoft Drives Digital Transformation in the Offshore Energy Industry

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Norfest - A true game changer in telecoms infrastructure!

Our new route was completed in record time and is ready for service!

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Stay Connected Offshore with Tampnet's Roaming Partners

You have options when you want to roam offshore in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico... 

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Tampnet now offers Starlink LEO satellite services

Tampnet has signed a reseller agreement with Starlink, further extending its LEO Satellite offering for offshore and marine applications.  Press Release

Public Safety and Critical Communications

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Try our New eSim Partner with 1GB FREE data for use on our North Sea or Gulf of Mexico Network.

We partnered with global data provider Truphone to bring you commitment-free, individual data plans for the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea. 

With eSim compatible devices, all you need to do is install the app and use the trial activation code..



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Fibre Optic Network and Offshore Coverage

Instant distribution of data from offshore operations – reliable and secure.

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Digital Services

With our subsea fibre optic network, microwave and 4G LTE footprint, Tampnet has a world-class digital infrastructure that enables digitalization of offshore operations within the oil & gas, maritime and wind energy industries.

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Tampnet and Sustainability

Providing the industry with high speed internet coverage, Tampnet revolutionizes operations offshore – producing energy with a much lower carbon footprint.

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Tampnet Carrier

Tampnet Carrier is your gateway to the Nordics serving data centres, finance, media and gaming industries. Our European and transatlantic fibre infrastructure network passes through eight selected countries.

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