Fleet 4G LTE

High speed offshore Internet connection is no longer a luxury – it’s a must-have. Your fleet depends on it to correspond with headquarters, to run cloud-based systems, to keep the crew in the loop and happy – and so much more. Tampnet provides 4G LTE services for anything from oil tankers to fish farms, enabling instant distribution of critical data, and taking video conferencing to a new level. Compared to traditional satellite communication, this network has virtually no delay.

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«By using Tampnet’s 4G offshore we have achieved a faster transfer of ship-to-shore data and faster replication of database traffic. We can transfer large data files between ships that form part of daily operations, we can run more interactive applications that require bandwidth like Skype, online purchasing systems and online bookings. It has also become much easier to update ships online and the crew can now have a closer dialogue with their families at home.»​

Terje Gjerde, ICT Manager/CIO Simon Møkster Shipping.