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Tampnet provides offshore assets with high speed internet connection through a subsea fibre optic broadband. We also install and operate an offshore 4G LTE network, giving reliable roaming even in rough weather.

High capacity internet access enables digitalization of your business, resulting in faster and improved decision-making, increased efficiency and major cost savings.

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“Suddenly we could not only have high quality video conferences between our vessels and onshore office, we could also do live streaming of ROV operations in our meetings with Aker BP and both viewing operations in real-time and making decisions real-time. We experienced that we suddenly were able to have a much better understanding of the situation offshore while sitting in the office and thus able to make faster decisions. In our meetings with Aker BP it was now also possible to use Smart-boards for the video projection and virtually make drawings directly on the live-stream.”

Terje Nordeide, Project Manager, DeepOcean