Offshore 4G LTE

For rigs and vessels in motion. Communication based on 4G LTE and line of sight.


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Offshore 4G LTE

Tampnet 4G LTE is a high capacity, low latency wireless network consisting of LTE base stations strategically placed in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico on key offshore installations.

While VSAT connectivity will have limitations in bandwidth and requires expensive receiver equipment, it also means high latency – typically Round Trip Delay (RTD) in the region of 580-600ms. Meanwhile, Tampnet 4G LTE requires very little CPE equipment with a very small footprint, while reducing RTD by approximately 95% (20-35ms).

Especially designed to meet the offshore industry’s high demands for reliable data connectivity, our network enables platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO’s and vessels to connect to Tampnet’s high-speed and low latency network in a cost effective manner. It is also enabled for tablets, smartphones and machine-to-machine communication.

Access to Tampnet’s 4G LTE network has rapidly become the number one choice for most companies within coverage, and as the now well-proven technology continues to develop, the future looks bright for wireless communication offshore. Benefits such as unlimited download/upload, high capacity, low-latency, and high-reliability hold immense importance for our clients and hence is our number one priority. Our solutions span from bandwidth fleet sharing to symmetrical and guaranteed/non-contended bandwidth of up to 50-60Mb/s, depending on the distance to the base stations.

Our technological platform enables virtual private LTE networks to be configured for each client or for different applications/uses
(a private cloud within the cloud). This may be particularly beneficial for vessels of the same fleet moving across the whole coverage area.

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