Our ambition is to build a strong, diverse and inclusive company culture with focus on gender equality.

The purpose is to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for technology positions and leadership in Tampnet. Gender equality is an essential factor in a balanced professional environment. As part of our program, we will facilitate exchange of experience, skills development, and personal development to inspire and motivate our employees.

”From my point of view, focus on knowledge and competence (and not gender) is key to find the right solutions at work. My Line-of-Sight (LoS) team has six team members and some are more “senior” than myself and even located in different countries with different cultural backgrounds. So in my team diversity and equality is not only about gender it’s also about culture and about solving our project tasks based on expertise and experience.”

Ibeanyi Bermudez
Senior Telecom Architect (LoS)



Mission: To close the gender gap and promote equality; to contribute to a sustainable future for business and society.


Targets: By 2025 our target is to achieve 30% women in Tampnet, and 25% women in management.

At present we have 19% women in Tampnet, and 13% in management positions. We have a way to go - but by raising awareness, taking responsibility and focusing on recruitment, we are optimistic that we will achieve our 2025 targets.


In our Women in Tech program, we are:

We are dedicated to elevating women in tech, promoting inclusivity in our company and closing the gender gap.

We care about our employees. We invest in benefits that support our work flexibility and well-being to succeed both in work and home life.

We value diversity.

We are visible and lead by example, by setting clear targets to close the gender gap. We build trust through transparency and openness in reporting and statistics.

We do not only listen to ideas - we ask for them. We include the organisation in creating solutions to meet our targets for Women in Tech.

We do what we say, and we plan and prioritise our work to achieve our set goals for 2025.


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