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Digital Services and IoT

With over 20 years of experience in offshore telecommunications, Tampnet extends offshore connectivity to provide reliable and secure wireless connectivity solutions to ensure our customers achieve their digital transformation.


Private, Hybrid and Public Network Solutions.

Our unique and customised network and backhaul solutions are designed and built to meet the needs of your operations, even in the most remote locations and for business-critical operations.

To further ensure our customers can integrate their IoT devices seamlessly, our team can test sensor-network connectivity.

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Proven Technology - Trusted Partners

The nature of successful digitisation strategies requires alignment and collaboration across the networked elements, from sensors through to user interfaces, and connectivity management.

With this in mind, Tampnet has partnered with industry leaders to ensure that we can provide a seamless experience, and work with industry experts to support our clients on their digitalisation journey.


IOT Connect Portal – Powered by Ericsson

Tampnet is proud to partner with Ericsson, enabling our customers to manage their connectivity directly through the Tampnet IOT Connect Portal.  

Reliable, high capacity wireless connectivity is a key element in the successfully digitising operations and reliability processes for offshore and marine assets. Through this portal, our clients can easily manage and monitor their connected devices, enabling seamless integration with both private and hybrid networks and cloud computing tasks.

Our solution works for both fixed and mobile facilities, and through our design, we can ensure your data goes exactly where it needs to.


Proven network reliability and capacity

Our 4G network has been tried and tested by multiple users and equipment suppliers, from Augmented Reality systems such as Streamsolution AS Kiber3 Kit, through to DNV GL carrying out a live remote inspection.

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Our private networks and advanced architecture ensure our customers' data is secure and they are protected from cyber-threats.


Darktrace Cyber AI Platform

Through our cooperation with Darktrace we can now offer the Darktrace Cyber AI Platform. Cyber AI is a self-learning technology – like the human immune system, it learns ‘on the job’, from the data and activity that it observes in situ. This means making billions of probability-based calculations in light of evolving evidence.

This self-learning ability enables Cyber AI to uncover rare and previously unseen patterns in information, amid the noise of everyday activity across an organization’s digital systems. By detecting subtle deviations from the organization’s ‘pattern of life’, it can distinguish friend from foe – and highlight true cyber-threats or attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

IoT Sensors - Rig Monitoring


Darktrace AI Platform - available from Tampnet

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DNV GL uses our LTE coverage for remote survey of platform safety systems

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