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Digital Services and IoT

Start your digital transformation with us and improve the efficiency and well-being of your crew by getting their tablets, smartphones and wearables online. Our NB-IoT network (narrowband) is ideal for battery driven sensors – enabling rig monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Most importantly we will protect our customers from cyber-threats so that the offshore digital transformation can be executed without problems or set-backs.

Darktrace Cyber AI Platform
Through our cooperation with Darktrace we can now offer the Darktrace Cyber AI Platform. Cyber AI is a self-learning technology – like the human immune system, it learns ‘on the job’, from the data and activity that it observes in situ. This means making billions of probability-based calculations in light of evolving evidence.

This self-learning ability enables Cyber AI to uncover rare and previously unseen patterns in information, amid the noise of everyday activity across an organization’s digital systems. By detecting subtle deviations from the organization’s ‘pattern of life’, it can distinguish friend from foe – and highlight true cyber-threats or attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed.


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Darktrace AI Platform

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