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Tampnet is proud to partner with Ericsson, enabling our customers to manage their connectivity directly through the Tampnet IOT Connect Portal.   

Reliable, high capacity wireless connectivity is a key element in the successfully digitising operations and reliability processes for offshore and marine assets.  Through this portal, our clients can easily manage and monitor their connected devices, enabling seamless integration with both private and hybrid networks and cloud computing tasks. 

Our solution works for both fixed and mobile facilities, and through our design, we can ensure your data goes exactly where it needs to.

Tampnet has made it easy for you
We are continuously testing all sensors available  in the market. In this catalogue we have made a collection of quality sensors and devices that we have approved and can recommend to you.  All you have to do is to sign up for full access to our sensor catalogue and get started. 

IoT Monitoring Solutions
An IoT ecosystem consists of  smart devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors and communication hardware, to collect, send and act on data they acquire from their environments.

IoT devices share the sensor data they collect either by connecting directly to the customer cloud or via a local IoT gateway or other edge device. Data is then analyzed and presented in customer applications or dashboards. This makes it possible to predict necessary maintenance or replacement and to prevent critical situations that occur due to system or equipment failures.

Access the catalogue here

Offshore IoT Use Cases

To easily relate the large variety of sensors to applications and use areas we are assigning USE CASES to test, verify and present the Offshore Monitoring Solutions.

Below you will find the use cases that are currently most commonly used with our customers. There are many other relevant use cases in our current or future portfolio, that will be continously updated. So make sure you sign up and stay updated on the Offshore Monitoring Solutions from Tampnet!

If you have a need not covered by our sensor or use case catalouge, we are also eager to hear from you, so we can help you develop the right solution for this.


Read about some of the use-cases

Smart Living Quarters

Smart solutions for better quality and security in the living quarters

Valve Monitoring

Solutions for monitoring position and condition of valves

Vibration Monitoring

Monitoring of vibration of rotating equipment

Corrosion Monitoring

Solutions for monitoring of corrosion and decay for pipelines, tanks, platform legs or other assets

Junction Box Monitoring

Monitoring conditions inside juction boxes to ensure no intrusion

Asset Monitoring

Tracking and condition monitoring of assets under transport or on a rig, vessel or platform

Remote Inspection

Remote Inspection

Remote Operations

Remote Operations