Hornsea One - World´s biggest offshore windfarm


Ørsted needed offshore 4G/LTE coverage for the construction phase and the operational phase of their new wind farm. High capacity and low latency communications were extremely important for site coordination and planning teams on site on different vessels like constructions vessels, crew transfer vessels and support vessels. And of course connecting workers on transition pieces, in towers, on nacelles, sub stations and RCSs.    


Tampnet has installed base stations on reactor station (Z01) securing 4G coverage between shore and the wind farm area. Base stations are also installed on substations (Z11, Z12 & Z13) securing 4G coverage in the wind farm area for all constructions vessels and Østed´s service vessel, Edda Mistral. When in operation in 2020 it will produce power for more than one million homes with a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts (GW), it will be the world´s first offshore wind farm to exeed 1 GW in capacity.


We have now created a fully functioning office offshore, enabling us to base the site coordination and planning teams on site, and thanks to the high-speed connection we can fully digitalize our operations.

Stefan Hoonings, Senior Project Manager, Ørsted