Tampnet Lights Up 4G LTE 700MHz Cells at Gemini Wind Park

On May 21st the first two LTE 700MHz cells were on air, only four days after Agentschap Telecom announced Tampnet as one of the two auction winners. The cells are located at the Gemini Wind Park on the Dutch continental shelf and the 700MHz frequency will provide improved mobile coverage indoor on the substations and in the entire wind park area.

The 700MHz frequency will provide a better 4G serving area, improved redundancy and better performance during ducting and fading situations.”

Øyvind Skjervik
Chief Architect LTE Technology at Tampnet.

Øyvind Skjervik Chief Architect LTE Technology


On-Asset Coverage
Usually Tampnet’s marine 4G coverage penetrates offshore structures, so that construction, energy and service companies can make use of the coverage inside offshore installations, also defined as “On-Asset Coverage”. Compared to other spectrum bands, the 700MHz spectrum has the best ability to create On-Asset and indoor coverage on offshore installations. In addition Tampnet can install dedicated antennas to establish 100 percent coverage and enable indoor use of tablets, smartphones, wearables, sensors and machine to machine communication.Gemini SunsetThe Gemini Wind Park – now with improved 4G coverage

Offshore Wind Farms

Tampnet connects offshore wind farm assets with subsea fibre optic cables, providing a high capacity connection. Our trained technicians safely install and operate base stations on assets like substations and RCS stations to provide the entire wind farm area with 4G LTE coverage. This internal coverage provides the site coordination and planning teams with fully digitalized operations in both the construction and operational period.

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