Tampnet acquires German dasNetz and expands footprint in Offshore Wind Connectivity

Stavanger, Norway, April 14, 2023 – Tampnet AS, the leading independent communications network provider, operating the largest offshore high-capacity communication network infrastructure in the North Sea (“NS”) and the Gulf of Mexico (“GoM”), providing high speed, low latency and resilient data connectivity, today announces its acquisition of dasNetz AG, a leading provider of offshore wind connectivity in the German part of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and certain key ports and coastal areas.  

The acquisition demonstrates Tampnet’s ambition to leverage its strengths, pursue its growth in offshore wind and renewables and become the leading connectivity provider for this industry segment. 

The planned upgrade and expansion of Tampnet’s core network, together with the 5G build-out that comes with this acquisition, will add key coverage to Tampnet’s existing 250.000-300.000 square kilometres of offshore 4G coverage, which stretches across the entire North Sea, including Dutch, UK, Norwegian, Danish and now German waters. The German build-out is expected to eventually add 25.000-30.000 square  kilometres of coverage and significantly increases available bandwidth, in support of the offshore industry’s digitalisation efforts. 

“The timing of this acquisition is perfect, as it fits with our growth ambitions within renewables and the imminent upgrade to 5G. In fact, the sites in German waters may be the first sites where Tampnet deploys 5G base stations in the North Sea, as early as Q3/Q4 of this year.

Also, the acquisition shows how serious we are about expanding in offshore wind and renewables, and becoming a leading digitalisation enabler and trusted connectivity provider through the energy transition”

- Tampnet Elie Hanna, Tampnet CEO. 


Tampnet Coverage - dasNetz

Tampnet's expanded footprint in the German sector following acquisition of dasNetz



About Tampnet:

Tampnet was founded in 2001 in Stavanger, Norway and operates the world’s largest offshore high-capacity communication network in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, serving customers within energy , offshore Wind, carbon capture & storage, Maritime and Carrier sectors with first-class telecommunications. The company employs the best telecom talent in its business segments, is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway and has offices in the UK, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, and Trinidad & Tobago. Tampnet connects offshore installations to redundant and reliable terrestrial networks with high capacity and low latency (high speed). 

To enable roaming and the digital transformation, Tampnet installs and operates offshore 4G LTE coverage networks on offshore oil & gas platforms, offshore windfarms, service and commercial vessels, for both operational and crew applications.  As a partner in the European Aviation Network, Tampnet further extends its network for airline connectivity over the North Sea. 
Tampnet’s unique Carrier Network routes pass through eight countries, connecting over 40 core data centres across 12 markets throughout Europe and the United States. The company’s dual path capability between Norway and Europe is its key differentiator, providing diverse routing through Great Britain and via Sweden and Denmark.  The company’s high-speed terrestrial and subsea network between Norway and Europe enables low latency, highly reliable and secure connectivity solutions for the most demanding network customers.


About dazNetz

dasNetz AG has since 2008 been a  leading provider of wireless connectivity in the German offshore territory, serving the offshore wind industry, SOV vessels and ports with wireless connectivity and IoT services. Headquarted in Halle Wesphalia and with its Network Operations Centre in Bremen, the company has become a trusted partner for wireless connectivity to key offshore windfarms and shipowners operating in the region. 
Under its CoastLink ™ brand, dasNetz provides mission critical communication to German maritime industry and offshore wind farms. Through long-term relationships with operators like Vattenfall, EnBW and Ocean Breeze, dasNetz has played a key role in building and enhancing offshore connectivity in German waters.