Tampnet’s integration with Microsoft Drives Digital Transformation in the Offshore Energy Industry

Stavanger, February 25th, 2024 - Tampnet, one of the largest offshore telecom operators and a leading provider of high-capacity and low-latency communication solutions for the offshore energy industry, is today announcing its integration with Microsoft. 


Tampnet will integrate Microsoft Azure private Multi-edge Compute to provide connectivity and digitalization solutions to the offshore community, enabling installations to automate and digitize operations with enhanced compute capabilities for AI and IoT data analysis.

Digitalization and sustainability are key drivers for offshore industries, including energy and maritime operations. The integration of advanced digital technologies to support sustainable practices, such as the implementation of emissions sensors, condition monitoring systems, and remote collaboration tools, is transforming these industries, leading to improved operational efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and enhanced safety standards.

As the offshore industry continues to evolve and embrace digitalization, Tampnet recognizes the need for cutting-edge technological solutions to propel this transformation. Through this integration with Microsoft, Tampnet aims to enhance and modernize its offerings and provide its customers with the most secure and reliable network solutions to enable transformative digital applications, empowering them to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital age. Through leveraging Tampnet's robust network services and Microsoft Azure private MEC, customers in these industries will be able to incorporate advanced IoT and AI solutions, such as remote collaboration tools, wireless sensor technologies, robots, drones and UAVs in remote offshore environments using LTE, 5G, and satellite access solutions. The power of this solution is accessible to both fixed and mobile facilities, such as rigs, platforms, wind farms and vessels. This collaboration will unlock new possibilities in connectivity and empower customers to harness the advantages of digital transformation.

The Microsoft Azure Private 5G core and Azure private Multi-edge Compute (MEC) capabilities ensure IoT data can be analysed locally, while critical data may be transmitted to shore enabling geographically remote teams to access the latest data to optimize operations and decision-making. Customers will benefit from enhanced security and up-to-date network functionality, driving operational efficiency, optimizing asset performance, and unlocking new possibilities for offshore operators and asset owners.

Commenting on the integration, Elie Hanna, CEO of Tampnet, said, "We are excited to work with Microsoft to redefine the offshore energy industry and spearhead digital transformation in this sector. Through modernizing our network systems to deliver 5G SA with Microsoft’s technology, we can offer higher efficiency and enhanced service architecture for our customers, as well as reach new customers with advanced and bespoke industry solutions, leveraging Microsoft’s technology and extensive partner ecosystem. By harnessing the power of 5G, Microsoft’s edge infrastructure, and Azure’s private MEC, we can provide unparalleled connectivity and digitalization solutions to the offshore community, supporting their growth and fostering innovation for a more sustainable future. "

Shawn Hakl, Vice President, Product Management, Azure for Operators, added, "Integrating Azure private MEC, Tampnet’s solution delivers ultra-low latency 5G connectivity, providing the advanced technical capabilities which are crucial for implementing reliable IoT and applications for remote operations."  


By modernizing its network systems, Tampnet is committed to delivering secure, higher efficiency, enhanced service architecture, and improved connectivity for the offshore industry. The collaboration will enable Tampnet to expand its offering and provide customers with innovative solutions that unlock new possibilities in remote operations, data-driven decision-making, and industry-specific applications.


About Tampnet

Tampnet, founded in Stavanger in 2001, owns and operates the world’s largest offshore high-capacity communications network spanning the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, with additional locations extending from the East Coast of Canada, East Coast USA, and Trinidad and Tobago. Serving customers in the offshore oil and gas, wind energy, maritime, and carrier sectors, Tampnet provides first-class telecommunications through their robust and flexible telecommunications network, ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity, supporting critical operations and enabling digital transformation.

Dedicated to contributing to a carbon-neutral future, Tampnet is implementing various internal initiatives to support these goals and carrying out upgrades of legacy infrastructure to more energy-efficient 4G and 5G technology.  Through their network, Tampnet enables offshore industry to digitalize operations for safer, more efficient facilities, with LTE, NB-IoT, and private networks to support wireless sensors for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote operations.  In creating new, high-quality route alternatives, Tampnet is improving accessibility to new, carbon-neutral data centres in the Nordics, designing the services to meet the capacity and latency demands of the future.


For further information, please contact:

Frode Støldal
President, Tampnet Inc