Brilliant Voice Calls with VoLTE

Tampnet has introduced VoLTE technology in both the Gulf of Mexico and in the North Sea. When you roam on our offshore network, you will get the best possible user experience with perfect sound quality. And you can browse the internet on your smartphone during a voice call.

Try our offshore network – now with VoLTE – and experience how voice services can enhance your everyday life offshore; whether you are young, experienced, tech savvy or just trying to stay in touch easily with your friends, family or colleagues.

Øyvind Skjervik, Chief Architect LTE Technology at Tampnet explains that VoLTE is an abbreviation of “Voice over LTE”.

The VoLTE service has been available in the home operator's terrestrial network for a while, but is now also supported when roaming into the Tampnet offshore network ensuring a seamless experience for the end users. Most newer smartphones support VoLTE, so check the settings on your phone. If the VoLTE service is inactive on your smartphone, then please contact your telco's customer care.

Øyvind Skjervik, Chief Architect LTE Technology, Tampnet
Øyvind Skjervik Chief Architect LTE Technology


With VoLTE you get:

  • Crystal clear HD voice quality—as if you were standing next to the person you talk to. 
  • High LTE surfing speed while making calls and almost instant set-up time of the call.
  • Less power consumption. Save battery—stay on LTE and avoid switching to 2G/3G which consumes power.
  • Valuable voice and communication services across smartphones, wearables, smart speakers and other devices.
  • Empowered enterprise collaboration with web communication and IoT devices.