Tampnet Bridges Nordics’ Connectivity Gap with its Diverse High-Speed Offshore Fibre Network

Tampnet is bridging the network connectivity gap between the Nordics data centre hub and FLAP-D regions with its robust offshore fibre network. Cato Lammenes, Managing Director of Tampnet Carrier, joined top industry leaders at DataCloud Nordics to examine the investments made in subsea and terrestrial fibre providing for data centre deployment opportunities in the Nordic region.

During the panel discussion, the panelists examined the importance of the network investment to the Nordic data centre market, the current advantages of the Nordics for data centre deployment and the gap in the market that remains to be filled in the upcoming years. Data centres are not simply isolated technology buildings, but rather interconnection nodes in a large ecosystem and are critical for the entire puzzle. It is important for network and data center providers to collaboratively invest in the market to meet the communications infrastructure needs that are in high demand in the Nordics region. Data is migrating towards the Nordics and providing network connectivity is crucial in order for these new data centre deployments to operate and ensure services for customers. Network providers need to invest in networks that will provide fast data connections. The Nordics is a sustainable digital hub and the investment in fast developing subsea cables plays a huge role in the future data centre deployment. The Nordics, as a whole, share common natural advantages that are attractive to network and data centre providers including power supply, low energy prices, talented workforce and the abundance of energy and other resources.Tampnet Blog Image - Jan 2022Topic of the panel discussion: "Bridging the gap in connectivity needs to facilitate data centre deployment."

Unique connectivity options
Tampnet, traditionally a company that delivers communication to offshore customers, realized the gap within the Nordics and constructed cables to the offshore assets that now connect Norway, Scotland, Amsterdam and down to London. Tampnet Carrier, a division within Tampnet dedicated to providing high capacity, low latency network connectivity within Europe and the Nordics, began to upgrade its cables with new and improved capacity to provide connectivity to the data centres to customers including major hyperscalers, trading companies, oil and gas companies and other telecommunication organisations. Tampnet Carrier’s wide footprint and unique connectivity options close the gap in connectivity and allowed it to be and stay relevant to its customers while maintaining solid financials. For data centre customers in the Nordics, Tampnet Carrier can provide adequate and scalable capacity where customers can build upon and tailor to their specific needs.Carrier Network Map

The Tampnet Carrier network

Further investments
The importance of driving investment in the Nordics in order to foster a robust interconnection market across the region will continue to allow the Nordics to boom in the data centre market. Cato explains the importance of ensuring connectivity between Norway and Sweden and Norway and Denmark. Creating diversity in connections on land, on the seabed and below the seabed is important in driving the traffic to data centres within the Nordic region. In the upcoming year, Tampnet Carrier will continue to invest in these types of fibre projects in order to fill the gap in connectivity that is needed to aid current and future data centre deployment. It is crucial for companies, like Tampnet Carrier, to be able to keep up with the high demand for connectivity within the many data centre hubs of the Nordics.

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