Castor Marine - New Tampnet Reseller

Castor Marine, a growing global coastal and offshore  connectivity provider, expands North Sea network to full 4G coverage with Tampnet reseller agreement. 

The new Tampnet reseller, with headquarters in De Meern in the Netherlands, has already deployed a 4G solution on the the Walk-to-Work vessel Keizersborg, that now has seamless 4G LTE offshore connectivity.

The expansion of our services with Tampnet 4G is part of our growth strategy and our mission to ensure the best vessel connectivity anywhere in the world. The seamless integration of Voyager VSAT with 4G LTE services from Tampnet ensures high availability for business-critical operations, reducing downtime and associated costs for all of our clients. I thank Tampnet for the good cooperation from the start and look forward to serving our clients with this connectivity upgrade!”

Ivo Veldkamp, CEO of Castor Marine.69503eee66db_websrgb_20191211_ivoveldkamp_021


Fleetwide connectivity for Wagenborg
Castor Marine already delivers fleetwide connectivity services for the fleet of Wagenborg, where it also remotely monitors and manages all onboard equipment 24/7, ensuring the continuous operation of all the vessels. As Wagenborg’s North Sea offshore wind operations depend on a continuous and correct flow of information – both between people and machines – the company decided to go live with the new low-latency connection for its Walk-to-Work vessel Keizersborg as soon as possible. Hence, quickly after Castor Marine and Tampnet signed the contract, Castor’s installation engineers set up, tested and started the fast, low-latency package on the Tampnet network for immediate operations.

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Ships and vessels can enjoy seamless 4G LTE offshore connectivity within Tampnet's North Sea coverage area. And they need only one SIM card to do so.