Tampnet Carrier and AFIBER Partner to Enhance Connectivity for Broadcasting and Media in Europe

Tampnet Carrier and AFIBER Partner to Enhance Connectivity for Broadcasting and Media in Europe

Stavanger, Norway – April 4th, 2024 
Tampnet Carrier, a leading provider of high-capacity, low-latency connectivity from the UK and Europe to the Nordics, today announced a new partnership with AFIBER, a Dutch-based connectivity provider with fiber networks in the Netherlands. Both operators are renowned for their high-quality and reliable services, ensuring customers on these new routes continue to benefit from best-in-class services with unparalleled uptime.

Amsterdam and Hilversum are key communications and interconnection hubs for the Entertainment, Media and Broadcasting industries in Europe, many of whom are transmitting data to major data centres around the world. With customers such as RTL, Talpa, Zayo, Liberty Global, Red Bee Media, OpenFiber, Intermax, Youfone, Mobilelinks and Fremantle Media, AFIBER has been the go-to network provider for high-demand network solutions.

The collaboration enables expansion in Northern Europe, addressing the surging market demand for broadcasting, streaming media, AI, and online gaming, fuelled by an annual growth rate exceeding 30% in digital content consumption. By integrating Tampnet’s extensive North Sea and European networks with AFIBER’s robust Dutch optical network, the partnership ensures unparalleled service quality and uptime for customers with requirements for low latency and high availability through fully redundant routes.

Tampnet has a presence at four strategic locations in Amsterdam, with routes to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, London and Frankfurt, making this a vital location for Tampnet Carrier customers. Through this partnership, AFIBER’s extensive and diverse network across this region will provide uninterrupted connectivity, greater speed, and scalability to meet the growing demand for point-to-point connectivity with the required high capacity.
AFIBER’s clients will benefit from direct access to Tampnet’s extensive and reliable North Sea and European networks for fast, reliable, and scalable connectivity across Europe, the UK and the Nordics. AFIBER will also have access to Tampnet’s new NORFEST route, accessing the latest carbon-neutral data centres along the Norwegian coast. 

Cato Lammenes, Vice President of Tampnet Carrier said: “Partnering with AFIBER is not just a strategic move; it's a step towards setting new benchmarks in connectivity solutions for broadcasting and media across Europe. Our collaboration with AFIBER reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional connectivity solutions. Together, we’ll bridge gaps, eliminate downtime, and empower businesses to thrive.”

As digital demands continue to evolve, Tampnet and AFIBER are positioned to play a pivotal role in shaping the region’s telecommunication landscape. This partnership represents a significant step toward a more interconnected Europe.
With this cooperation, Tampnet has added presence in more than 25 data centres in the Netherlands to its footprint, such as Equinix, InterXion/Digital Realty, NorthC Datacenters and Cellnex data centers including Hilversum Media Gateway, and Iron Mountain in Haarlem.

“We are excited and enthusiastic about joining forces with Tampnet to provide superior connectivity solutions. Our shared vision for seamless, redundant connectivity perfectly aligns with the industry's evolving needs, especially in an era where digital content consumption is skyrocketing. This partnership ensures our customers not only enjoy reliable and scalable connectivity but also benefit from our collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital telecommunications.”

- Jochem de Gruyter, CEO, AFIBER

About Tampnet Carrier
Tampnet Carrier is a subsidiary of Tampnet, the largest offshore network provider, and is responsible for carrying over 30% of data traffic to the Nordics. 
Operating since 2001, Tampnet is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. Tampnet Carrier solutions are delivered based on the company's foundational tenets: availability, quality, and security. 
Tampnet Carrier’s unique network routes traverse 8 countries, connecting over 40 core data centres across 12 markets throughout Europe and the United States. Dual-path capability between Norway, Europe and the UK is their key differentiator, providing diverse routing through Great Britain and via Sweden and Denmark. This high-speed terrestrial and subsea network enables low latency, reliability, redundancy, and secure connectivity solutions for the most demanding industries. The NORFEST subsea route brings greater resiliency, flexibility, and scalability to Nordic infrastructure, with direct connectivity to 10 key cities along the Norwegian coast.
Tampnet is dedicated to contributing to a carbon-neutral future. Implementing various initiatives to support these goals, we are upgrading our legacy infrastructure to more energy-efficient 4G and 5G technology. Our network enables digitalisation of offshore industries for safer, more efficient operations incorporating LTE, NB-IoT, LEO, and secure private networks. Our high-quality route alternatives improve accessibility to new, carbon-neutral data centres in the Nordics, meeting the capacity and latency demands of the future.

AFIBER is an independent provider of fiber optic connectivity for business customers and service providers. We help organizations with the delivery and management of high-quality networks between branches, data centers, cloud providers, and providers of network and IT services. The services portfolio consists of Dark Fiber, xWDM and IP/Ethernet services between data centres, business- and office locations.
AFIBER offers business customers fiber optic coverage in a large part of the Netherlands in and around the metro areas of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Hilversum, Delft and Haarlem. This fiber optic network is connected to the main data centers and various regional and national fiber optic networks. This enables us to make an independent choice and design for our customers with the right connectivity for your business network.

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