Marine Technologies LLC becomes new Tampnet reseller

(Houston, TX) A new agreement with Marine Technologies LLC will offer Tampnet 4G LTE to ships and vessels operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Edison Chouest premium deepwater vessels are the first to be connected to Tampnet’s network.

“We are excited and pleased to have the opportunity to be a premier reseller of the Tampnet service. The efficiency of how their 4G LTE network integrated into Marine Technologies’ (MT) offshore communications service platform has enabled technologies that could not have been thought about previously. This advanced technology allows MT to deliver seamless switching between Tampnet low-latency, high bandwidth 4G LTE and VSAT, creating a complete multi-band communication system unmatched by anyone in the industry. This gives MT one of the most advanced communication offerings in the oil and gas industry,” said Jan Mikalsen, CEO, Marine Technologies LLC.



“Holiday”, 288′ Multi-Purpose Supply Vessel, is one of 7 Chouest vessels that Tampnet have online.

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Marine Technologies LLC (MT), widely recognized for its forward-thinking approach to technology and the implementation of digitalization in the Maritime Industry, is Tampnet’s newest maritime reseller. MT’s innovative designs ensure Edison Chouest’s fleet is one of the most advanced to charter in the offshore Oil and Gas industry. The integration of 4G LTE into their fleet enables Edison Chouest’s clients to utilize an advanced communications platform. This technology gives their vessels maximum throughput for real-time applications that require lower latency links, i.e., ship-to-shore ROV piloting and high definition video streaming.

In addition to low-latency and ultra-high bandwidth, Tampnet’s 4G LTE network leverages diverse subsea fibre infrastructure. This unique approach allows Tampnet’s network to offer high performance even in adverse weather conditions which would negatively affect standalone microwave networks or traditional satellite services.

“Our agreement with Marine Technologies is further evidence of Tampnet’s commitment to work with our strategic partners like MT to develop the most advanced communication offerings for the oil and gas industry. Seamless mobility offshore provides the foundation in an ever-expanding digitization ecosystem,” said Per Helge Svensson, CEO of Tampnet.

About Marine Technologies:
Marine Technologies LLC (MT) is a U.S.-based company dedicated to providing superior vessel control solutions for all types of vessels, from large offshore specialty vessels, accommodation vessels, and wind field supply vessels to smaller tug boats and luxury yachts.

MT products include dynamic positioning systems, integrated bridge systems, and VSAT communications, including remote access for diagnostics and monitoring. The company is headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana, with offices in Norway and Brazil.

About Edison Chouest Offshore:
Founded as Edison Chouest Boat Rental in Galliano, Louisiana, in 1960, the Edison Chouest Offshore companies (ECO) are recognized today as the most diverse and dynamic marine transportation solution providers in the world. ECO operates a growing fleet of well over 200 vessels, ranging from 87 to over 525 feet in length, serving an expanding global customer base.

Staying at the forefront of new technologies is an integral part of the Chouest business plan, as evidenced by recent advances in the areas of subsea support, integrated bridge systems, and global communications.The ability to design, build, own and operate diverse, high-capacity and technologically superior vessels has made ECO an unrivaled leader in the maritime industry.

About Tampnet:
Tampnet was founded in 2001 in Stavanger, Norway and operates the world’s largest offshore high capacity communication network in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, serving customers within Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Maritime and Carrier sectors with first-class telecommunications. The company employs more than 100 people, is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway and has offices in the UK, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Australia. Tampnet connects offshore installations to redundant and reliable terrestrial networks with high capacity and low latency (high speed).

Tampnet also installs and operates offshore 4G LTE coverage networks enabling roaming and the digital transformation and internet of things (IoT) on offshore oil & gas platforms, offshore windfarms and service vessels and other commercial vessels.

Tampnet International Carrier is Tampnet’s European and transatlantic fiber infrastructure network, passing through eight selected countries. Tampnet International Carrier is all about connectivity, capacity, speed, and milliseconds – data transfer with minimum delay – without compromising quality and reliability. Our unique network routes connect 30 vital data centers in 12 European and American cities and central hubs. 

For more information please contact:

Per Helge Svensson, Chief Executive Officer, Tampnet
Mobile: +47 905 29 868

Jan Mikalsen, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Technologies LLC
Mobile: +1 985-612-1314