Tampnet and DRYNET GmbH Announce New Reseller Partnership for Maritime Connectivity

Stavanger, 21st February 2024 - Tampnet, the leading provider of high-capacity, low-latency communication networks in the North Sea, and DRYNET GmbH, an innovations leader in maritime IT and telecommunications, are delighted to announce their reseller partnership. This landmark collaboration aims to empower the maritime industry with comprehensive connectivity services, allowing customers to control costs, optimise resources and enhance productivity. 

As the maritime industry moves towards increased digitalisation with increased remote operations and integration of IoT sensors, reliable connectivity is crucial.  By relying on Tampnet’s extensive network and 300.000 km2 of North Sea 4G/5G coverage, DRYNET customers get access to the only high-speed, low-latency fibre based network in the North Sea.   Combining this with DRYNET’s network orchestration solution BRYTE® allows customers to manage their network traffic through efficient data segregation and dynamic network selection.  This ensures that critical data can be prioritised on Tampnet’s low-latency North Sea network, balancing both cost-effectiveness and high reliability communications. Through this service, robust and scalable digitalisation is enabled to optimize the performance of IoT devices and streamline communication in maritime environments.

Additionally, DRYNET’s partnership with Tampnet will enable effective management of internet access for crew and passengers, delivering an enhanced onboard experience and fostering an improved work-life balance for seafarers. Centralized monitoring of fleet communications will also benefit from coast-to-coast connectivity, accessing Tampnet’s 4G/5G network while traversing the North Sea, and accessing WIFI or terrestrial LTE services while in port.

“To ensure a sustainable future, effective digitalisation initiatives require reliable connectivity.  We are excited to partner with another key integrator of connectivity and IT solutions for the  North Sea maritime industry, delivering better solutions for their customers’ crew and passengers,” said Trygve Hagevik, CCO of Tampnet. “DRYNET is a trusted supplier to vessel owners across the North Sea, particularly cruise liners, ferries, offshore service vessels and freight carriers.   This reseller partnership will provide simple and flexible network management for these customers, providing them access to our network through a single contract solution for reliable and seamless connectivity.”


Picture (from left to right): Tom Løwehr (BDM Wind Energy, Tampnet), Holger Ritter (Managing Partner, DRYNET), Alexander Bendler (Country Manager, Germany, Tampnet), and Dr. Steinar Bjørnstad (Strategic Competence & Research Manager, Tampnet). 


“DRYNET constantly strives to provide cutting-edge solutions that empower our maritime customers and meet their evolving needs,” said Holger Ritter, Managing Partner of DRYNET GmbH. “By partnering with Tampnet and leveraging their experience, infrastructure and extensive North Sea 4G/5G coverage, we can combine our operational connectivity expertise and offer an extended coverage range with greater reliability to the maritime industry. Through enhanced connectivity, maritime companies can optimise operations and improve vessel performance and crew welfare, ensuring business continuity across their fleets.”

The Tampnet and DRYNET partnership marks a new era of connectivity in the maritime industry. By combining forces, DRYNET’s customers can access the most advanced and cost-effective solutions that will redefine connectivity standards in this sector.

About Tampnet

Tampnet, founded in Stavanger in 2001, owns and operates the world’s largest offshore high-capacity communications network spanning the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, with additional locations extending from the East Coast of Canada, East Coast USA, and Trinidad and Tobago. Serving customers in the offshore oil and gas, wind energy, maritime, and carrier sectors, Tampnet provides first-class telecommunications through its robust and flexible telecommunications network, ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity, supporting critical operations, and enabling digital transformation.

Dedicated to contributing to a carbon-neutral future, Tampnet is implementing various internal initiatives to support these goals and carrying out upgrades of legacy infrastructure to more energy-efficient 4G and 5G technology.  Through their network, Tampnet enables offshore industry to digitalize operations for safer, more efficient facilities, with LTE, NB-IoT, and private networks to support wireless sensors for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote operations.  In creating new, high-quality route alternatives, Tampnet is improving accessibility to new, carbon-neutral data centres in the Nordics, designing the services to meet the capacity and latency demands of the future.

About DRYNET GmbH:

DRYNET GmbH, located in Kiel, Germany, has been offering innovative IT and communication solutions and services for the maritime industry since 2005. With a focus on simplifying complexities and enhancing operational efficiencies, DRYNET harnesses the latest technologies to provide tailored solutions for operations, crew, and passengers.  Whether satellite-based internet or global access to terrestrial cellular networks – we create the conditions for digitalization in the maritime industry. Our international team develops, plans, supplies, installs and maintains the digital infrastructure that supports the topics of Maritime Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous shipping. DRYNET’s customer commitment ensures robust connectivity, transparent management, and optimal user experience for all onboard.

Navigating the vast oceans demands reliable ship to shore connectivity and simplified hybrid coverage. Therefore DRYNET has developed an SD-WAN Gateway called BRYTE®, which offers a scalable network orchestration solution tailored for diverse data transport needs. By load-balancing traffic across multiple WAN connections, it ensures high availability, redundancy, and optimal performance. BRYTE® reduces the complexity of the integration and management of diverse communication channels like cellular and satellite.

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