Tampnet Revolutionises Offshore Connectivity with Cutting-Edge Connected Rig Solution on Dolphin Drilling’s Paul B Loyd Semi-Submersible Rig

Stavanger, Norway – April 30th, 2024,  Tampnet, a global leader in offshore high-capacity, low-latency connectivity services, is proud to announce the successful implementation of its groundbreaking connected rig service on the Paul B Loyd Jr.,  a semi-submersible drilling rig operated by Dolphin Drilling. This innovative solution marks a significant leap forward for Dolphin Drilling and its customers, now able to overcome the unique connectivity challenges faced by the offshore drilling industry.GettyImages-1222979611

Paul B Loyd Jr

In an era where digitalisation reshapes industries to support improved efficiency, safety protocols and sustainability initiatives, reliable connectivity is imperative.  Offshore operators can now fully embrace digitalisation and automation technologies, benefitting from real-time data analytics and AI-driven insights, irrespective of the rig’s geographic location.

The Connected Rig solution leverages Tampnet’s comprehensive connectivity mix, including backhaul solutions via Tampnet’s robust offshore 4G/5G networks and subsea fibre infrastructure, including incorporation of LEO satellite services through Starlink and OneWeb. Traffic orchestration is seamlessly managed through Versa SD-WAN, ensuring critical data is prioritised and other needs are balanced.

High-capacity bandwidth, low-latency connectivity and network redundancy allow offshore crews to collaborate seamlessly with shore, via onboard network services, including WiFi and VOIP services.  Whether sharing critical information, accessing project systems and documentation, or connecting with loved ones, Dolphin’s clients and crew will benefit from reliable communication, enhanced safety protocols and operational efficiencies.  Through the implementation of the Tampnet connected rig solution, Dolphin has laid the groundwork for future onsite 5G networks which will further enhance their remote operations through the latest IoT sensor and digital technologies.

With Tampnet’s SLA in place, Dolphin Drilling also benefits from guaranteed uptime with support from Tampnet’s Network Operation Centres providing 24/7 proactive support and ensuring critical operational data is prioritised at all times. 

Trygve Hagevik, CCO at Tampnet said “Our connected rig solution represents a long-awaited leap forward in offshore communication for the nomadic drilling segment. By seamlessly integrating diverse connectivity options, we empower rig operators with unprecedented capabilities, enabling digitalisation and improved sustainability.”

Svein Bjørnstad, CIO at Dolphin Drilling said, “The era where the traditional VSAT was the pre-dominant means of communication is over. This project opens a whole new world of possibilities for our customers who will experience a game-changing shift in offshore connectivity, real-time information and cost efficiency in operation to support their ambitions.” Of the project, Svein added, “We could not be more impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of Tampnet’s Solution Architects and Project Engineers. The project was completed to the highest standards, and the seamless cut-over was remarkable.  We take pride in offering our customers the most connected rig, fully prepared for any digitalisation initiatives they need.”  

About Tampnet 
Tampnet, founded in Stavanger in 2001, owns and operates the world’s largest offshore high capacity communications network spanning the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, with additional locations extending from the East Coast of Canada, East Coast USA and Trinidad and Tobago. Serving customers in the offshore oil and gas, wind energy, maritime and carrier sectors, Tampnet provides first-class telecommunications through their robust and flexible telecommunications network, ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity, supporting critical operations and enabling digital transformation onsite.

Dedicated to contributing to a carbon neutral future, Tampnet is implementing various internal initiatives to support these goals and carrying out upgrades of legacy infrastructure to more energy efficient 4G and 5G technology.  Through their network, Tampnet enables offshore industry to digitalize operations for safer, more efficient facilities, with LTE, NB-IoT and private networks to support wireless sensors for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and remote operations.  In creating new, high quality route alternatives, Tampnet is improving accessibility to new, carbon neutral data centres in the Nordics, designing the services to meet the capacity and latency demands of the future.

About Dolphin Drilling 
Dolphin Drilling is a leading harsh environment drilling contractor for the offshore oil and gas industry. Dolphin Drilling owns a fleet of four high technical standard 4th and 5th generation enhanced Aker H3 and H4 units, Borgland Dolphin, Blackford Dolphin, Paul B. Loyd, Jr. and Dolphin Leader operated by an experienced team with a strong operational track record. The company has offshore and onshore offices and operations in Norway, Scotland, Brazil, and Nigeria.


For Media Enquiries, please contact:

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Dolphin Drilling
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Chief Information Officer
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