Tampnet to provide LTE coverage for Shell’s assets in the Gulf of Mexico

Tampnet has been awarded a contract with Shell Exploration and Production Company to install LTE equipment and provide LTE coverage to all of Shell’s oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico. “While digitalization is the talk of the industry – Shell is one of the few that actually takes concrete action to leverage new technology to change and improve their work processes”, said Tampnet CCO, Trygve Hagevik.

Tampnet started its offshore Gulf of Mexico 4G LTE build less than three years ago. Since then they have built approximately 80,000 square miles (210,000 square kilometres) of offshore coverage based on a highly reliable backbone consisting of submarine fiber optic cables and microwave links. Tampnet and Shell have already run several successful projects in the Gulf of Mexico, including LTE on the Appomattox and Olympus platforms.


Connected Field Worker
A need was established for connecting a production asset in the early phases, in addition to the need for high-speed, low-latency connectivity for drillships, as well as the testing of intra-facility and on-deck LTE coverage for device connectivity. The success of these early initiatives has now led to a decision to enable LTE mobility on all of Shell’s Gulf of Mexico assets. The parties have signed a long-term agreement and agreed an aggressive roll-out plan to swiftly leverage the network for on-platform mobile applications and drilling and marine operations.

The network will combine the best technologies available in the telecom industry; state of the art LTE from Ericsson for the mobility piece and subsea fiber for transport of the data to shore.

“We are proud to have been awarded this contract by Shell and with our service model, experience and success with offshore fibre and LTE in other basins, such as the North Sea, I am confident that we will continue to be an important and trusted telecommunications partner for Shell’s offshore operations in The Gulf of Mexico, ” said Tampnet CEO, Per Helge Svensson.

About Tampnet:
Tampnet was founded in 2001 in Stavanger, Norway and operates the world’s largest offshore high capacity communication network in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, serving customers within Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Maritime and Carrier sectors with first class telecommunications. The company employs more than 100 people, is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway and has offices in the UK, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Australia. Tampnet connects offshore installations to redundant and reliable terrestrial networks with high capacity and low latency (high speed).

Tampnet also installs and operates offshore 4G LTE coverage networks enabling roaming and the digital transformation and internet of things (IoT) on offshore oil & gas platforms, offshore windfarms and service vessels and other commercial vessels.

Tampnet International Carrier is Tampnet’s European and transatlantic fibre infrastructure network, passing through eight selected countries. Tampnet International Carrier is all about connectivity, capacity, speed and milliseconds – data transfer with minimum delay – without compromising quality and reliability. Our unique network routes connect 30 vital data centres in 12 European and American cities and central hubs.

For more information please contact:

Per Helge Svensson, Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: +47 905 29 868
Email: phs@tampnet.com

Trygve Hagevik, Chief Commercial Officer
Mobile: + 1 713 444-4463
Email: th@tampnet.com